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Charter of the European Cities Urban Wind Network


Urban wind covers all kinds of small wind installations in urban or built up areas. This is a new application for small wind turbines and the associated technologies are still being developed and emerging onto the market. As such there is a need for information to be made available and to be exchanged between interested parties.

The Wind Energy Integration in the Urban Environment (WINEUR) project, supported by the European Commission programme Intelligent Energy Europe, is focused on gathering information on the development of small wind energy in urban areas covering a wide variety of technical, economic, planning and administrative aspects.

In the framework of the WINEUR project, many meetings, workshops and a study tour have been organised with local authorities which are interesting in investigating the potential of small wind energy applications in urban, built-up surroundings. Many of these local authorities are keen to continue receiving and exchanging information and emerging experience on small wind technologies and installations in urban areas.

Therefore, it seems a logical step forward, in order to continue the dynamic generated by the numerous meetings and workshops on small wind for the urban environment, to create a ‘European Cities Network’: a forum to enable the continued exchange of information specifically between local authorities. This network will facilitate interactions between the cities involved regarding project development, financing, implementation and monitoring.

This document lays out the purpose of the European Cities Urban Wind Network and how interested local authorities and city councils can join.

Statement of support to further investigation of small wind energy for urban areas

The participants in this European Cities Network of the network consider
  1. that the small wind technology applications in urban areas have the potential to make a meaningful contribution to the increased use of renewable energy in European town and cities; and
  2. therefore that the development of small wind energy technologies and applications in urban areas is worth investigating on the principle of enabling the sustainable development of European towns and cities.

Aims of the European Cities Urban Wind Network

  1. The Network aims to assist the participants to exchange information and ideas and potentially work together to elaborate common approaches to the development of small wind energy in urban areas in towns and cities in Europe.
  2. Participants agree to exchange non-confidential technical, economic and other information, such as case studies, relative to small wind energy in urban areas wherever possible.
  3. More generally, participants agree to exchange project ideas and experiences from completed or on-going small wind projects in urban areas.

Means of Operation the European Urban Wind Cities Network

The European Cities Urban Wind Network, will function through a protected area accessible through the WINEUR project webpage. The protected areas will be accessible with a password and registered I.D. Here participants will be able to:
  1. read and down load the European Cities Urban Wind Network Charter in English, French and Dutch;
  2. look up contacts at other local authorities who are in the network and who are also looking to exchange ideas;
  3. send in information on what projects they are doing and submit case studies; and
  4. access extra documents on developments in the urban wind sector, such as new products coming onto the market.

How to join the European Cities Urban Wind Network

To join the network a local authority or other interested party that wants to become a participant must fill in the application form.